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High Quality Care for Multiple Sclerosis

High Quality Care for Multiple Sclerosis

Here at the Minnesota Center for Multiple Sclerosis, it’s our goal to be at the forefront of care options and research for multiple sclerosis management and education. From diagnosis to treatment, we provide excellent quality neurological care to improve the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis. Our comprehensive life management plans promote independence and optimal functioning to support each patient’s lifestyle now and in the future.

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Comprehensive Care Approach

Our team has evolved along with advancements in medical science working together over the last two decades. In our new facility, Dr. Calkwood and our care team will continue to comprehensively address the needs of those with MS including diagnosis, individualized treatment and management, education, rehabilitation, emotional and social needs, research and neuro-ophthalmology.

Your Partner in MS Care

Dr. Jonathan Calkwood is a nationally recognized neurologist and fellowship trained neuro-ophthalmologist specializing in comprehensive treatment of multiple sclerosis for over 30 years. A true advocate for the comprehensive treatment approach, Dr. Calkwood crafts treatment plans for people to feel relief while building long-term relationships with his patients.

Your Partner in MS Care


How to Become a Patient

If you think you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of multiple sclerosis, call our main number or submit your information on our contact form to speak with our team and schedule an appointment to be evaluated by Dr. Calkwood. One of our providers will return your call or call you regarding your contact form submission within 48 hours.

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MS-Certified Nursing Team

Staffed by the most experienced MS-certified nursing team in the nation with over 75 years of cumulative experience, we are committed to providing comprehensive care options and solving difficult MS management issues for patients. As leaders in MS nursing, we also work with the International Organization of MS Nurses to develop standards in MS Nursing.

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