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The first step toward disease management begins with an accurate diagnosis. If you have multiple sclerosis or are concerned about neurologic symptoms you are experiencing, our neuro-ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Calkwood and his team are here to help you through your entire health journey.

Neurological Evaluations

When you enter our facility, you’ll spend time with our specialists as they get to know you and your medical history — what symptoms you’re displaying, how you’re feeling, your family history, and more. Dr. Calkwood will provide a comprehensive clinical and visual assessment. With the medical information obtained, combined with Dr. Calkwood’s comprehensive assessments, we will identify the next appropriate steps and begin creating your individualized treatment plan.

Since MS is a clinical diagnosis, based on ruling out other causes and putting clinical findings together, further diagnostic testing may be required to ensure an accurate diagnosis for you.

Treatment Plan

Crafting Treatment Plans

Whether you have multiple sclerosis or another neurological condition, an individualized treatment plan is created to meet your specific needs and promote independence and optimal functioning. This includes addressing the physical needs with disease modifying therapies, management of symptoms through medications and rehabilitation, as well as your emotional and social needs. We work closely with referral resources that are specialized in MS to carry out your treatment plan.

Our experts take each healthcare journey into account and customize a treatment plan that fits your needs, lifestyle, and condition.


Educational Programs

Our team has led the national wave of educational programs for those with MS, and continue to prioritize education on MS and management of the disease for our patients, their families and caregivers. In addition to educational programs that occur regularly throughout the year, we work with the MS Society and their educational resources to keep you up-to-date on what’s available.

Clinical Research

Dr. Calkwood and our team at the Minnesota Center for Multiple Sclerosis is also known for its clinical research programs. We have conducted studies in caregiver comfort, long-term outcomes, medical management, spasticity management, sexuality, and utilization of services. Through our partnership with Midwest Immunology Clinic and Infusion Associates, we have a dedicated research department, including physicians, certified nurse coordinators, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists.

Infusion Associates

Bringing Comfort to Infusion Therapy

Depending on your diagnosis, infusion therapy may be part of your immunology treatment plan. For some patients, it offers an effective way to receive medication for immediate and long-lasting relief. If you and your clinician decide that this treatment is right for you, then Infusion Associates is conveniently located in the same building. Our sister company, Infusion Associates is an infusion treatment center committed to providing medicine in a comfortable and clean environment.

Visit infusionassociates.com to learn more.

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